We have the technology.


Working on paper alone just doesn’t cut it these days—and using an outdated or convoluted Practice Management system can make things even worse. With the wrong software, you can ending up dealing with tech issues, poor reporting and auditing, corrupt data, and even claims getting stuck trying to get out the door.

AdvancedMD (AMD) is a SaaS web-based HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant Practice Management system with 24/7 data access and tech support. Access to your practice’s data in AMD, as well as use of their online charge slips and scheduler, are all included in our standard fees.

Access to all of these Practice Management features through Innovation represents a huge cost savings to most practices—often to the tune of thousands of dollars a month. With all that money you’re saving, maybe you’ll decide to invest in some of the amazing add-on features available from AMD.

Here are some of the great features you can access in AMD with Innovation:

Online Scheduler

AMD’s AdvacnedScheduling is an integrated online scheduler, which Innovation provides to all of our clients. The scheduler allows you to keep all of your appointments well connected to the patient’s demographics, insurance information, and pop-up alerts.

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Mobile Productivity

AMD’s MobileDoc app allows you to access your scheduler, online charge slips, and messages directly on your iPad or iPhone.

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Additional AdvancedMD Tools

Our Practice Management System offers a number of fully-integrated tools to improve practice productivity and reimbursement. Contact us for more information on the current pricing structure for these add-on features.

Patient Kiosk

The AdvancedMD Patient Relationship Management Kiosk is designed to improve front desk and biller productivity, as well as cut down on the administrative hassle for patients. It offers digital appointment reminders, online patient forms that auto-fill demographics to the Practice Management system, and an iPad portal to allow patients to complete forms digitally in the waiting room, just to name a few of the features.

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Eligibility Verification

AdvancedMD offers a simple and effective eligibility verification tool integrated with their sleek scheduler. This tool drastically cuts down on billing issues and administrative burden by notifying your front desk when a patient’s insurance information is not valid, alerting them to the need to obtain the patient’s updated information, and cutting down on claims rejected for inactive policies.

Electronic Health Records

AdvancedMD’s EHR is fully integrated with the Practice Management system, offering a robust and practical way to streamline and modernize the way your providers chart patient care.

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Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing for accepting patient payments through AdvancedMD is available through OpenEdge, and the contract and payment arrangements are made directly with their company. Innovation can put you in contact with the proper representatives to get you up and running with a great integrated system that allows you to accept patient payment via credit card and record the payment directly into our Practice Management system.

Electronic Prescribing

AdvancedMD’s eRx feature streamlines the process of managing patient medication, not only allowing providers to digitally send and approve prescriptions, but also pulling medication and allergy lists, medication histories, and generic alternatives into one space.

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Digital Faxing

AdvancedFax is an integrated digital faxing platform that allows you to cut down on paper and toner use to securely send documentation. The integrated digital fax allows you to manage faxing more efficiently by routing files directly into the Practice Management system or EHR and by cutting out the steps of printing and feeding paper into a fax machine.

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