Birth Center & Midwifery Billing

Our Forté

We have always been a midwife-owned company, so we know maternity care. We recognize the complex billing scenarios surrounding midwifery and maternity billing. Whether a patient receives straightforward care or transfers care after a long labor, you can rest assured that we will bill accurately and for greatest reimbursement.

In-depth Benefits Verification

All maternity clients are provided with an in-depth review of their benefits. Verification of benefits, authorizations, and exceptions are completed by our experienced staff. Assisting patients partially or wholly in this process often reduces their out-of-pocket expense, allowing them greater access to midwifery care.

Estimated Out-of-pocket Expense

You may also choose to have our benefits verification staff complete an estimated out-of-pocket expenses letter for each patient, which can be used to collect the patient’s expected portion up-front. Maternity care presents a unique billing situation in that there is a predictable prolonged period of care, and collecting the anticipated patient contribution during the prenatal period is a huge step toward improving reimbursement—after all, it’s much harder to remember to pay the bill for your medical care when you’re busy taking care of a new baby!

Facility Billing

The average medical biller is trained to use procedure codes and diagnosis codes—the information needed to complete a CMS-1500 form—but that training and those processes only suffice for billing professional services. What happens when you want to bill for the use of your facility and supplies? That’s UB-04 territory: a different form that uses special code sets and requires special setup in many medical billing systems.

We have a lot of experience billing facility fees. We know about the special code sets needed to complete a UB-04, and our billing system is setup to accommodate them. This experience and preparedness is key to proper reimbursement for facilities like birth centers and ambulatory surgical centers.