Billing & Practice Management

Private practices that want to lower their overhead without skimping on the care they give turn to us to help meet their goals. We do this by serving as a professional billing service and practice management company that eliminates the need and expense of hiring additional in-house staff and purchasing costly billing software.

Our services help lessen your administrative load by accurately filing, following up, appealing, and tracking your claims, answering your patients’ billing questions, providing software access to keep you on the cutting edge of billing technology, and keeping you up-to-date on billing rules and nuances.

Below, you’ll find a list of the services and features we offer all of our clients.

Are you a birth center, midwife practice, OB/GYN, or other pregnancy provider? See our maternity page for more information on the services and expertise we offer for practices who work with mom and baby.

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AdvancedMD (AMD) is a SaaS web-based HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant Practice Management system with 24/7 data access and tech support. Access to your practice’s data in AMD, as well as use of their online charge slips and scheduler, are all included in our standard fees. AMD also offers a number of additional features, such as an integrated EHR, patient kiosk, eRx, and eligibility feature that can be ordered through Innovation Billing.

This Practice Management system access represents a huge cost savings to most practices—often to the tune of thousands of dollars a month.

See our technology page for more information on AMD and the additional integrated services available.

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Interfacing EHR

Innovation offers a multitude of options for practices who use or would like to implement an EHR. Our top option is AdvancedMD’s integrated EHR, which can be purchased as an additional service through us. This is a great option for any practice looking to begin using an EHR for the first time or looking to upgrade from their current system.

Already using an EHR that you love? Innovation has experience working with systems like:

  • Client Care
  • Maternity Neighborhood
  • SOAPware
  • TSI/NextGen
  • Practice Fusion
  • eClinicalWorks

Whatever your system, our staff will work with your team to create workflows that utilize your EHR to create smooth billing processes.

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Proper Coding for Maximum Reimbursement

Innovation Billing employs AAPC- and AMBA-certified coders and experienced billers. Our team is knowledgeable about:

  • CPT procedure codes
  • HCPCS procedure and supply codes
  • ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • NUBC UB-04 codes
  • ANSI reason codes

Our billers are also skilled at working out complex billing scenarios that require special coding considerations and working to learn the nuances of your practice’s state and insurance contracts to ensure that everything is billed correctly for speedy turnaround and increased reimbursement.

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Facility Billing

The average medical biller is trained to use procedure codes and diagnosis codes—the information needed to complete a CMS-1500 form—but that training and those processes only suffice for billing professional services. What happens when you want to bill for the use of your facility and supplies? That’s UB-04 territory: a different form that uses special code sets and requires special setup in many medical billing systems.

Innovation has a lot of experience billing facility fees. We know about the special code sets needed to complete a UB-04, and our billing system is setup to accommodate them. This experience and preparedness is key to proper reimbursement for facilities like birth centers and ambulatory surgical centers.

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Rapid Electronic Claim Submission & Follow-up

Our billers submit both professional and institutional claims electronically through AdvancedMD, whose clearinghouse further scrubs claims to detect errors prior to submission, alerting us to rejections requiring immediate attention.

Innovation Billing handles all insurance correspondence, medical record requests, appeals, and denial follow-up. Our work doesn’t stop with claim submission; our billers are constantly chasing payment for claims that are stuck with the insurance or processing incorrectly on the carrier side.

We can also review your backlogged A/R to determine what can be salvaged from unresolved claims by bringing these claims into our billing system, appealing, and capturing otherwise lost income.

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Patient Billing & Contact

Innovation calculates all patient remaining balances once claims have processed and mails out remainder statements to alert patients to their balance due. We review outstanding patient balances with your practice on a regular basis to compile information on delinquent accounts for your office to pursue or send to a collections agency. Note: Innovation Billing does not act as a collections agency.

We are your billing department; we reduce the time your staff spends answering endless calls regarding insurance coverage, claim processing, and patient bills. Our telephone number is your patients’ direct line to accurate, professional and courteous staff, who can troubleshoot, assist, and resolve their billing questions.

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Customized Reports & Forms

Innovation generates reports on the financial health of your practice on a monthly basis, or upon request when needed. We review and meet with your practice regularly to ensure that your financials are staying on track. Monthly reports are tailored to fit the needs of your practice.

We can edit or create a number of custom forms and documents to increase productivity at your practice and give your documents a professional touch. We customize:

  • Online Charge Slips or Paper Superbills
  • Maternity Benefits Verifications and Estimated Out-of-pocket Expense Letters
  • Patient Registration Forms
  • Patient Financial Agreements
  • Patient Educational Hand-outs
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Paperless Office Solution

Utilize eBridge Solutions (our online filing cabinet) or the chart files of AdvancedMD for all paper documents, patient chart files, and insurance correspondence. Both solutions offer an organized, secure method of storing both scanned and digitally imported files.

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Ongoing Training

New clients with Innovation Billing spend time consulting with CEO Marnie Cabezas to review financial agreements, discuss big picture financial systems, and perfect billing workflows. Onsite and remote training is available for AdvancedMD use, workflow consultation, and staff education.

As your practice and the industry grow, Innovation offers ongoing training opportunities to your practice in order to stay abreast of changing systems, workflows, and standards.