New Name!

is now

A new name…

We have updated our name to reflect the broad array of providers with whom we work and our commitment to up-to-date and forward-thinking services and technology.

Please use our menu or search feature to learn more about who we are and the services and technologies we offer.

…the same reliable services…

As Midwife’s Billing Service, Inc., we have always worked with practices other than midwives: OBGYN and women’s wellness practices, naturopathic doctors, family practices, and more who looked past our name to the excellent billing and practice management services we could offer them. With our new name, we look forward to further increasing the variety of practices we can serve.

Though our new name better reflects the diversity of our clientele, birth center and midwifery billing are still our forté—click here to read about the services and expertise we offer maternity providers.

…and the same top-notch team.

Innovation is still owned and operated by CEO Marnie Cabezas and run by the same trusty team of billers and other specialists who have been providing quality services for years. Click here to learn more about our team.