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When Innovation Billing Services, Inc. was looking for medical billing and practice management technology that worked well for us and our clients, we wanted a company committed to empowering independent practitioners. When we found AdvancedMD, we knew they were the partner we were looking for. AdvancedMD’s mission is to provide the best billing and practice management software on the market for independent practices hoping to take a step into the future. We have been extremely happy with the user-friendly design of their platform and their commitment to adding state-of-the-art features. Their software is routinely updated to provide the most accurate coding information and up-to-date tools to help improve workflows.

Practice Management System

AdvancedMD provides a state-of-the-art practice management system that includes medical scheduling, billing, reporting, and additional tools that help you to streamline you everyday tasks. This system helps you efficiently complete patient intake while also ensuring that you take the proper steps to increase your cash flow. This system automatically updates with the latest medical codes and rules for clean claims that don’t require lengthy software upgrades or downtime.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

If you stay on top of the latest news about EHRs, then you have seen the discussions about how “one-size-fits-all” forms waste a lot of time. Thankfully, AdvancedMD offers EHRs that are customizable and available on desktop or mobile devices. Your office can run on a single database, with a single logon for each user. Not only is the EHR useful for practitioners, it also provides health reminders to patients and automated alerts for preventative care.

What’s the Difference Between an Electronic Health Record (EHR) & an Electronic Medical Record?

While the terms “Electronic Medical Record” (EMR) and “Electronic Health Record” (EHR) are often used as synonyms, there are a few key differences between these two record types. Think of EMRs as digital versions of a paper chart – they contain some information about a patient’s care, but you may only see a partial picture of what is going on with their care. EHRs, on the other hand, provide a full picture of patient care, ideally containing information from all providers caring for a patient. Unlike an EMR, an EHR provides an interface with other companies, allowing you to share medical records directly to another practice’s EHR, setup lab interfaces (to get digital results directly from your labs), and import medication history on file with other entities. AdvancedEHR also provides tools to help you comply with new programs and standards, such as MACRA and MIPS.


Are you tired of struggling with a non-intuitive scheduling system while trying to check-in patients? Those days are gone with AdvancedMD’s scheduling tool. You can add as many columns and tabs as you need to keep your information in order. Appointments are color-coded by type, block, resource, and repeating event. Verifying patient information takes a single click, and all outstanding balances are visible for reimbursement collection. Best of all, you can check your schedule via iOS devices to get a clear picture of the day ahead.

Online Patient Scheduling

Do you or your patients ever wish they could just pick their own appointment time online and be done with it? While it can sound a little scary to let scheduling out of your hands, AdvancedMD’s online scheduling gives you the control to block out specific pieces of your schedule to be available for specific appointment types, and then patients, via the patient portal, can schedule in those slots depending on what they need to see you for—it’s that simple to keep everything setup exactly as you like while cutting down on the admin time of scheduling appointments.

Advanced Reputation

As a medical practitioner, you know that the success of your business rests on your reputation. A great patient experience is crucial to getting those word-of-mouth referrals that can make or break a new practice. Add to that the increasing reliance of new patients on online reviews to make decisions and it becomes clear that a reputation management strategy is a plus for everyone hoping to grow their business. AdvancedMD allows you to create patient satisfaction surveys, respond to poor reviews, and monitor your online reputation all in one location.

Credit Card Processing

Taking payments on-site is the fastest way to ensure your practice receives reimbursement for services provided. There is no need to find a separate credit card processing solution. AdvancedMD has its own built-in system with payment processing through their partner, OpenEdge. Payments are secure, ensuring that patient information is never compromised.

Eligibility Verification

Will your patient be covered for a certain procedure under their insurance plan? With eligibility verification, getting the information you need is only a few clicks away. Understanding what insurers will and will not cover allows you to request patient reimbursement up-front, improving your cash flow.


Wish you could check and respond to patient information on-the-go? AdvancedMD offers MobileDoc, a robust system that allows you to stay up-to-date on your schedule, prescriptions, lab orders, patient and staff messaging, and EHR charting. Almost every administrative task you can do at the office you can also do on an iOS device, including sending charge slips.

Patient Portal

With AdvancedMD’s patient portal, you can speed up your check-in process using their automated kiosk system. The patient portal allows you to assign forms to individual patients for completion before arrival or using an iPad on-site. The portal provides complete access to patients for editing and signing personal information, as well as a way for the patient to communicate directly with a doctor or medical staff.


Just like the electronic fax system, ePrescribing can help your practice become completely paperless. Using the NCPDP format, you can send electronic prescriptions from your office or any iOS device. AdvancedMD also provides information on insurance requirements for prescriptions, as well as drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy, and drug-to-disease interactions. EPrescribing is also available for controlled substances, adding extra layers of security to ensure that prescriptions are authorized.

Paperless Fax

Are you tired of your rapidly aging fax machine? Imagine what your day would be like without having to battle with that clunky piece of machinery. That day has arrived! With integrated electronic faxing you will always have an accurate record of what was sent. HIPAA-compliant security allows you to finalize referrals, prescriptions, and more with eSigning and move items seamlessly between the fax and the patient’s digital chart.

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