FAQs for Potential Clients

FAQs for Potential Clients 2018-07-15T18:25:55-04:00

The honest answer is, “it depends.” Because we offer services tailored to your practice, the cost to work with us varies depending on the needs of each client. Factors that influence cost include the size of your practice, the exact services your practice needs, and if you need access to certain AdvancedMD features.

We encourage you to contact us (link to contact page) about pricing. We would love to learn more about your business and see how we can help you get the reimbursements you deserve! Don’t worry, you won’t be hounded by a sales team. Marnie will reach out to you directly.

Because we are something of a niche company, Innovation Billing Service, Inc. can provide more specialized care to our clients than some other companies out there. We don’t necessarily know what other companies charge, but we have been told that we offer more services than our clients have previously experienced.

The bottom line is that we have a strong internal mission to help practitioners be reimbursed for their work and to make the admin side of medical practice easier and more efficient. Because we have personally experienced what it is like to be in that position, we have a passion for this work. We want to make sure your business runs as smoothly as your interactions with patients, so you can spend more time doing the work that you love. We are happy to find solutions that work within your budget and maximize your investment in billing services.

We are glad you are interested in working with us! In a perfect world, if we receive all the necessary information about your practice, we can setup your data key within a week. However, life happens—sometimes the timetable is pushed back due to holidays, weather, and other unforeseen events. Once you have your data key, we can begin training on how to use our system, and your “go live” date (the date of service for which we’ll begin doing your billing) can be set based on how quickly training progresses.

Yes. We partner with Trizetto, a Congnizant Company, and manage the credentialing project for you. While we don’t do credentialing in-house, we like to remain part of the process because the nuances involved in credentialing will directly affect our ability to do the billing down the road.

Yes, we review existing contracts, recommend changes, and assist with or manage entirely the renegotiating. If the insurance carrier’s contracting market for your specialty is open, we can pursue contracts for you.

We can provide service packages that include on-site training for our system and services. Whenever possible, we believe this is the best method for training new users on the AdvancedMD EHR.

Yes! Our services are all online. There is no reason for you to send us physical records—we use online charge slips, digital fax, digital clearinghouse (for outgoing claims and incoming EOBs/ERAs), and a handful of other secure digital systems that help avoid redundancy and increase our processing speed.

No. We believe that our clients should have the choice to find the right company to meet their medical billing and practice management needs, even if that company isn’t us. While we believe our stellar customer service and success with speedy reimbursements makes our clients happy, we always want you to have the option to do whatever is right for your business.

No. If you are already using an EHR or EMR that you love, we can gain access to your system and build a workflow between your staff and ours. If you do decide to make the switch, we can assist you with making the transition. We promise to make it as seamless as possible.

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