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What Does “Full Billing Service” Mean?

Offering full billing services to our clients means more than just sending out claims for payment. Our billing services cover the entire lifecycle of an insurance claim, as well as the patient billing that follows. With some billing services, only a small part of this process is done, leaving you to figure out the rest on your own. With Innovation Billing, you provide us the information, and we get you paid—when we do need more information or assistance on your end, it’s a team effort, not a game of hot potato with unpaid claims.

Coding Review

While our clients are responsible for the original codes used for billing, our staff double checks this information before sending it along to insurers. This check allows us to catch minor mistakes or additional codes that should be added as part of a particular procedure.

Claims Scrubbing

Once our team has done an initial check, claims go through a secondary “scrubbing” process. Our electronic clearinghouse uses automated algorithms to find errors that could cause the claim to be rejected by the insurance company.

Sending Claims

After double-checking for potential errors and scrubbing claims through our clearinghouse, it’s time to send claims to the insurance company. During this process, both accuracy and speed are important. We get things right while keeping them moving, so you get paid ASAP.


Sometimes, insurance companies aren’t so great at responding to submitted claims. Pursuing these often involves calling the insurance company to check that they have the claim on file, ask about the status, and then take the next steps, depending on whether it has been paid or denied.


Even though we try our best to avoid them, mistakes can happen from time to time. When our team receives a denied claim, we do our very best to identify the problem (at this stage it’s usually demographic information) and then resubmit the claim for payment.


Insurance companies can deny claims for less sensible reasons, such as a question about a service or procedure being medically necessary. If further information is required, we’ll facilitate the process of getting the information and resubmitting the claim.

Payment Reconciliation

Once claims are properly processed (or legitimately denied), our team post payments, adjustments, and patient responsibility amounts to the appropriate charges in the practice management system.

Patient Billing

After contacting you for review, we invoice patients for their portion of services rendered. And if you would like to arrange for patient payment plans or e-billing, we can accommodate these options as well…we’re all about flexibility.

Patient Questions

Sometimes patients have questions about medical billing, but this time you won’t have to worry about providing answers. We are available to answer any questions your patients may have about their portion of the payment.

Do You Offer Collections Services?

While we are happy to assist patients with their billing questions and will gladly arrange for payment plans, Innovation Billing does not act as a collection agency for overdue patient balances. If you determine that you would like to pursue payment through collections after three statements are sent without payment, we can help you establish a relationship with a collections agency and provide the reports needed to pursue those balances for collections.

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