Our Team

Meet the Innovation team! All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable individuals who work together every day to make sure your billing needs are met.

Executive Team

Marnie Cabezas | CEO

Marnie Cabezas

Chief Executive Officer

Marnie began her career in midwifery in the early ‘90s, starting Motherwood Midwifery Services in 1994. She quickly became concerned, however, when she noticed that many midwives, while providing excellent care and services to new mothers and families, were experiencing difficulties managing the financial side of their business. In 1998, she purchased Midwife’s Billing Service Inc. with the intention of creating a company that would allow midwives and birthing centers to focus on what they truly loved—bringing new life into the world.

After 20 years of working largely with midwives and birthing centers, Marnie noticed practitioners in other medical fields sacrificing the work they loved to keep up with paperwork and administrative tasks. With a great enthusiasm for helping practices provide the highest standard of care, she made a big decision. Her keen eye for problem-solving and improving logistics led her to open her business to all specialties, helping diverse medical offices to run with blazing efficiency while they focus on what matters most—patient-centered treatment and care. Because of her long history of providing patient care, Marnie offers our clientele that which they may not otherwise encounter: an empathetic perspective on medical billing.

Sharon Cole | CFO

Sharon Cole

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon joined Innovation in October 2014 to take on the business and financial side of the company, monitoring business performance, overseeing budgets, developing financial models, and helping Marnie with management and strategic planning. Sharon comes to us from thirteen years in the world of finance and a background in small business consulting and psychotherapy billing.

Sharon lives with her husband, Jonathan, and her two dogs, Rocco and Saralee, and is happy to be keeping busy at Innovation now that her daughter, Aliya, is away at Western New England University. Outside of Innovation, Sharon loves baking (she bakes cupcakes and other goodies for all occasions with her side business, Wicked Sweets), travelling, feng shui, and spending time with family and friends.

Kristin Young | Chief Information Officer

Kristin Young, CPCO

Chief Information Officer

Kristin first came to Innovation in January 2010 as a college freshman and spent four years of school breaks in the office before settling in full-time in June 2013. Kristin considers herself Innovation’s Jack of All Trades—or perhaps Jill of All Trades is more apt—she designs custom reports, meddles with the website, and coaxes stubborn technology. Kristin also obtained her Certified Professional Compliance Officer certificate in April 2016 in order to serve as a more informed point of contact on compliance issues.

Kristin is a graduate of Amherst College, where she majored in English and dabbled in computer science, French, Japanese, and tomfoolery. She’s an avid reader of many genres, an intrepid bread baker, and a fledgling soap maker.

Account Care Coordinators

Paula Lincoln |Account Care Coordinator

Paula Lincoln, CPC

Director of Medical Billing Operations

New Accounts Facilitator

Senior Account Manager

Paula began working with Innovation in September 2014, bringing eight years’ experience in medical billing offices where she worked with multiple states, specialties, and insurance carriers and hundreds of practices. Paula also has a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding from Herzing College.

Paula lives in Orange, MA with her two daughters. Outside of the office, she loves to cook and bake (especially decorating cakes), and also enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, crafts, and woodworking.

Migdalia Lorenzo | Senior Account Manager

Migdalia Lorenzo, CMRS

Senior Account Manager

Migdalia joined the Innovation team in October 2014, bringing seven years of medical billing experience. Working both with billing services and directly in a hospital billing department, Migdalia has put to use her certificate in Billing and Coding as well as her Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist certification from the American Medical Billing Association.

Outside of Innovation, Migdalia is busy as a football mom to her two boys, Angel and Luis, a new homeowner, and cook for her sons, her husband, and the rest of their family and friends.

Kristy Coburn | Account Care Coordinator

Kristy Coburn

Account Care Coordinator

Training Facilitator

Kristy joined our team of Account Care Coordinators in September 2014 after seven years in an ophthalmology office as Receptionist, Lead Clerical, and, finally, Assistant to the Practice Manager, where she helped institute new policies and procedures.

Kristy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (Programming) and an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. She moved to Orange, MA in 2013, where she lives with her partner, Michael, her two sons, Zachary and Caleb, and two-year-old Boxer, Raven. In her spare time, Kristy enjoys reading, watching TV with her family, and gardening.

Ellen Martin |Account Care Coordinator

Ellen Martin

Account Care Coordinator

Ellen joined the Innovation team in June 2014 as an Account Care Coordinator, acting as the primary point of contact for many providers and patients. Ellen brings to Innovation many years administrative and management experience to help coordinate the work of several Innovation team members that goes into each practice with whom she works.

Ellen lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Henry, her son, Hunter, and her Chocolate Lab, Maggie. She loves to kayak, hike with her family, and spend time with friends whenever possible.

EJ Simon | Account Care Coordinator

EJ Simon

Account Care Coordinator

EJ joined Innovation’s team in March 2015, coming from a background in business management, accounting, and medical billing. EJ has honed her skills in billing, management, and customer service in several different roles over the years, including psychology biller, office manager of an electronics company, home health aide, diner manager, cook, waitress, and bartender.

EJ is the proud mother of two sons, the elder of whom is on active duty in the US Army; her younger son is still in high school and “hopes to one day one up his brother by joining the US Marines.”

Account Care Support

Kim Aikey | Billing Clerk

Kim Aikey

Medical Billing Clerk

Kim joined the Innovation team in 2009 and has since become one of our most reliable billers. Before moving to Massachusetts, Kim received her Associate’s Degree as a medical secretary and worked as such for an OB/GYN practice.

Kim now lives in Athol, MA with her three kids and three cats. In her spare time, she likes to read, watch sports, and attend her children’s school activities.

Diane Fisher | Medical Billing Clerk

Diane Fisher

Medical Billing Clerk

Diane came to Innovation in September 2013, bringing many years’ customer service and supervisory experience in both retail and banking, as well as being a Notary Public. Diane enjoys the multi-faceted work of medical billing and the comfortable environment of the homey Innovation office and friendly staff.

Diane is a life-long resident of Athol, MA where she currently lives with her four rescue cats, two parakeets, and one elderly Bichon Frise. Outside of Innovation, Diane loves reading and puzzles of all kinds.

Jean Croteau | Claim Aging Clerk

Jean Croteau

Claim Aging Clerk

Jean joined Innovation’s aging department in November 2013, bringing 15 years’ experience in medical administration and an Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Sciences/Medical Secretary to the Holemsian task of investigating unpaid claims.

Jean enjoys Innovation’s flexibility and friendliness, and outside of the office, she likes to make cards, craft, and spend time with her grandchildren.

Pat Conrad | Patient Benefits Specialist

Pat Conrad

Patient Benefits Specialist

Pat has been a part of the Innovation family for many years, helping out from the very beginning; she now works to research and verify insurance benefits for maternity patients. Pat loves working in Innovation’s mostly-female office and sharing the pitfalls and triumphs of calls to insurance companies with her office-mates.

Pat lives in Orange, MA where she was once an AmeriCorps VISTA member and is now an active do-it-yourselfer and volunteer, working with the Friends of the Library, the Garlic & Arts Festival, and the Dinner by the River. Outside of Innovation, Pat enjoys gardening and is also a licensed hairdresser.

Bob Carey | Patient Benefits Specialist

Bob Carey

Patient Benefits Specialist

Bob has been working in our Benefits Department since 2012, and he’s committed to providing thorough and helpful benefits information for patients; he loves that Innovation is truly focused on client service.

Bob graduated from Mount Wachusett Community College with a certificate in Medical Office Procedures and is a proud husband, father, and grandfather.

Maggie Hume | Patient Benefits Specialist

Maggie Hume

Patient Benefits Specialist

Maggie joined our team in March 2015, coming from nearly ten years in insurance underwriting. Maggie employs her experience in insurance to work with both our claim aging team and our patient benefits specialists.

Maggie lives in Massachusetts with her husband of more than 40 years, Keith. They have three grown sons and three grandchildren with whom Maggie loves spending time, especially because they don’t live as close as she would like!

Max Strycharske | Patient Benefits Specialist

Max Strycharske

Patient Benefits Specialist

Max became part of our team in July 2016, bringing his previous experience of customer relations, billing procedures, and teamwork as a neonatal/pediatric transport specialist in Texas to our office. Max focuses on making sure patients understand their benefits and billing and enjoys the group dynamic of our office where we all work as a team to accomplish all of our billing goals.

Max lives in a 300-year-old house in Templeton, MA (“yes, there are ghosts”) with his spouse, mother-in-law, and their two Halloween-colored cats. Outside of Innovation, Max enjoys such artistic endeavors as photography, glass mosaic work, and jewelry making, as well as being the family baker and a registered weather spotter!